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In May 2013 a beloved therapy dog was stolen from his property in Clearlake Ca. He was later abandoned by the thieves in Ukiah Ca. and picked up on N. State Street on May 15th, by Mendocino Animal Care & Control 298 Plant St. Ukiah Ca. Someone on Facebook saw Escalade, the dog's name, on the Ukiah shelter site and notified George via myself, Pastor Tee Stacy. This is what has happened since...Escalade, this dog's name...and George, his rightful owner, have NOT been reunited! George made 2 trips to this shelter in Ukiah. According to George...the staff denied that any of them even remembered him being there. Then one of their officers walked in and said, " Oh yea, we know that dog well. He was adopted 2 weeks ago." Then "suddenly" the rest of the staff remembered him. They remembered him from the start they just didn't want to admit they knew anything. Well, had proof he has owned Escalade for 10 years, and he also had reported the dog stolen, and had a copy of the report. The Mendocino Animal Care & Control told George there was nothing they could do the new owners had the dog for 2 weeks already. George told them he had the dog for 10 years! Also, George was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam, and Escalade, his dog of 10 years is his therapy dog!!! They still refused to get the dog back for him! They told him they would call the new owners and see if they want to give him back. They told George they would call him and he could leave because that is all they would do. George left hysterical, this is his four legged son! I'm trying to help George anyway I can to get Escalade back. It is NOT George's fault his baby was stolen from his property in Clearlake and then abandoned in Ukiah! Now, that the Ukiah shelter knows the dog was stolen it is their responsibility to get the dog back, or they are guilty of receiving and selling stolen property! George is even willing to refund the new adoptees the money back they paid the shelter for Escalade....this is more than wrong of the shelter to keep this man from his therapy dog, and his four legged son of 10 years!!!! George has had to start counseling through the Veteran's Administration because he is so upset! Prior to this Escalade kept George calm and he needed little to no counseling...I wonder how the shelter staff would feel if this was them this was happening to???? Since this has happened George has had to increase his therapy sessions to several times a week as his PTSD has become horrific again. Please help George and Escalade, Sign this petition demanding the shelter get Escalade back to George...


Tee Stacy

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Signing this petition will show the Mendocino County Animal Care & Control they must get this therapy back for George to preserve George's well being.


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