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Use the car only when absolutely necessary.

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Imagine how the world would be if every one made the choice to use public transportation, carpool, bicycles and good old fashion walking as their primary transportation method, using cars only if absolutely necessary. Their would be healthier people more aware of their surroundings, less pollution and litter, less gas consumption, pollution and much more money in your pockets and less for the oil company executives to roll around in. Every day you are faced with the choice, it may not seem big to you, but it all adds up. Maybe you need to go to the market down the street for a few things, how about hopping on your bike instead of automatically climbing into the car? It is much more enjoyable and very possible. College students and coworkers could organize carpool parties, that will save gas, wear and tear on vehicles and parking hassles. There is no one who can make these choices but YOU. Be creative, active and free yourselves from the tyranny of motor vehicle dependency. Habits take practice to change, each day see what you can do to make a difference. for the Earth and for our future generations.

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