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There have been no long-term studies that prove whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe for babies.  If baby formulas contain soy or corn, there is a very good chance it contains GMOs and have largely been untested over the long term.  Would you feel safe feeding your baby something that's basically a science experiment?  Scientists and doctors can't say for sure whether baby foods with GMOs are 100% safe and won't have longer-term impacts by causing asthma, obesity, cancer and other diseases? 

Unlike the United States, sixty other countries require that food labels indicate if products contain genetically modified ingredients.  Since governmental regulatory bodies like the FDA continue to allow these "foods" to reach the marketplace without sufficient testing, we the people are calling on retailers like Hannaford to take the lead in informing us about what we feed our children.  

Large food companies are profiting off inexpensive GMO ingredients like soy and corn. Brand-name baby formulas like Similac and Enfamil are loaded with GMO ingredients and new mothers deserve the right to know!  Please sign the petition and forward it to friends.  


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