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Hi everyone! As you can see we have more babies to take care of. We found all of them abandoned on the street -- one kitten, seven puppies and five adult dogs. The adults are fully vaccinated and the puppies got their first vaccination from your donations. They need the second and the third vaccination and of course all of them need food every day. It`s very hard with so little help from the community to provide every thing they need to survive and be healthy. And we also need to find them good homes. Please, if you can, do not hesitate to help them. We would like to find them good homes abroad Romania, too, if it`s possible. If you can`t adopt them, we would be very grateful for any kind of help you can give. No matter how small it is, any help is very important. Together we can amake a huge difference in their lives.  Please donate on paypal: [email protected] or directly in the bank account -- RO54RNCB0709110749850001, the name of the bank is Banca Comerciala Romana, the name of the account holder is Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor Tomita, the name of the town is Tecuci, Galati county, Code 805300. Thank you so very much for your help! Mihaela Raducanu, Association for Animal Protection Tomita (Tecuci)

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