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Dear Rihanna, My name is [NAME] and I'm from [Countrey]. I was deeply shocked to hear that a celebrity of your magnitude is slated to perform in Israel. A performance in Israel today, is akin to a performance in apartheid South Africa. 

There is ample documentation of how Israel holds almost 4 million Palestinians under a brutal military occupation, while approximately 7 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants are denied their right to return home. Another 1.4 million, while designated citizens of Israel by the state, are treated as second class citizens, in a discriminatory system and social status reminiscent of the USA in the 1950's.

I want to place special emphasis on Palestinian children, as I know you are specifically aware of the need to empower and protect children, in a dangerous world such as ours. Only this past month, 2 UNICEF reports came out, documenting that on average, 700 Palestinian children a year will be arrested by Israel's army. That these children are tortured and used as human shields by the army, on a regular basis.

Additionally, Israel uses international artists to produce a glitzy image for itself, when it is in fact a colonial military regime. As such, unfortunately, your role in the local political arena becomes that of diverting attention from its war crimes. I ask you to please look into it, please engage with the many appeals that are no doubt coming your way. 
Respectfully, [YOUR NAME]


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