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It is since the 22nd of June that the humanitarian convoy Music for Peace, is blocked in Alexandria with its 6 containers filled with medicines, food and medical equipments and destined to Gaza. 

The five volunteers  Stefano Rebora, Valentina Gallo Afflitto, Alvaro Daniel Gando Saenz, Claudia d'Intino e Sandra Vernocchi have been halted by  the rebellions in favour and against the now overthrown government. 

The violences and the protests that they witnessed for days did not change the mind nor the objectives of Music for Peace, whose aim remains to deliver to Gaza the material that has been collected thanks to the effort of all of the Italian population and at the same time to bring attention to the violation of Human Rights in the Gaza Strip. 

Your signature will help towards the solution of this blockade and the release of the permit form the Egyptian authorities.


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