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Accessing healthcare in India: existing hurdles and challenges

India has the potential to benefit from a huge "population dividend" for the labor force of the future: nearly one-third of its population is under the age of 15. However, this "dividend" is at risk because a majority of India's youth lives in deep poverty. These at-risk children are semi-literate and unskilled and are vulnerable to preventable yet debilitating diseases and fatal infections. 

Poor public health services further complicate the scenario as young people do not have access to adequate healthcare.Health indicators show that women fare much worse than men in India. Their health illiteracy and lack of rights, in concert with poor health services, continues to fuel a vicious cycle of disease and premature death. From sex selective abortions to malnourishment, and maternal mortality, female health indices clearly reflect deep socio-cultural discrimination that perpetuates inequitable health outcomes and impairs women's ability to live healthy lives.

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Dr Sravani S Nakhro (Cause Creator)

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