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How long have you gone without power and electronics? A couple of hours? Maybe a day? Have you ever been faced with the problem of lacking access to clean water and food? And would you help if you had the opportunity to make an impact for people who lacked all of these things that we, for many times, take for granted - even if you would never see them face to face? 

Here's the issue.... 

There is a small village up in the mountains of Haiti - so small that you can not even find it on a map.  The name of this village is Lartigue and it is a beautiful place - the kind of place where people would come to paint and take pictures of the breathtaking mountains and trees. Lartigue is also inhabited with the most amazing of people.  But it lacks the most basic necessities.  People in Lartigue wake up early every morning to take the long walk down to the river to fill up their jugs. This water is used to cook with, bathe with, and sometimes even drink.  Many trips are made to this river by the people of Lartigue and their children. And as for electricity - there is none.  

Here's the Opportunity... 

Every year - Pastor Roger Wilson Charles, founder of Wings of Refuge Children's Home, takes a group of people from his congregation in Petion-ville, Haiti up the mountains to evangelize and serve the people of Lartigue for one week. In past years, there have been anywhere from 500 - 700 people in attendance.  He provides the adults with educational & faith based classes in the morning while the kids enjoy Vacation Bible School outside.  Afterwards, Pastor Wilson and the people from his church provide a hot meal for everyone - which, for many, is their only meal for the day.  The evening revival is what everyone really looks forward to & becomes the highlight of the week. Every night outside, we power up the generator, there is a stage set up where we have the band come and play and worship with the people of Lartigue and then powerful preaching, testimonies & prayer.  Many have come to know the Lord through the Crusade and Pastor has been blessed to be doing it for a number of years now. 

Here's the challenge....

Right now Pastor Wilson is in need of financial support to be able to run the Crusade in Lartigue.  The current need is $5,000, and through this campaign we are hoping to raise at least $1,000. We need your help to do it.  Take a look at what we have come up with... 

Think about what you spend money on throughout the week.  

Sacrifice one of those things for one week 

Take the money you would have spent on _____ and donate it here to the Crusade in Lartigue. We are hoping to receive about $10 from everyone. 

Share the campaign! If we get 100 people to get involved - we will hit our goal! 

You CAN make a difference . You CAN be a part of shining light in Lartigue . The question is - will you?

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