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Stop believing CNN's lies about Egypt

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Dear World,

I'm Egyptian, and I want to let the whole world know that CNN is cheating you!

What is happening in Egypt is not a COUP, what is happening in Egypt is the revolt of 33 million Egyptians who have been in streets for days demanding for the fall of the fascism rule of the terrorist secret society "Muslims Brotherhood"!

The Army took the move after we demanded them to stand at our side, and upon the mass protests, that have been totally ignored from the terrorist society that instead declared they are ready for a war if this is the price to stay in rule!

CNN is giving you a totally fake and untrue picture of what is going on now in Egypt. The Muslims Brotherhood members are killing people since we put them out of rule and the Army is professionally controlling the situation, with the support of every single Egyptian.

We argue you to share the cause and let the world know that Egyptians are fighting for their freedom against a society that is threatening the world's peace, which is supported by CNN, Obama and the US Government!

Please follow the page @CNN Supports Terrorism to stay updated on what's really going on in Egypt.


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