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My birthday is around the corner- 18 years old. With this turning point in my life I'm suddenly handed many responsibilities I haven't dealt with as a teenager-- paying for everything out of my own pocket, dealing with bills, living on my own, and all the other 'fun' things which come with adulthood. As I transition into this new stage of my life, I've been contemplating ways to begin my journey as an adult in a significant way. 

In honor of my 18th birthday, I'm asking all my friends and family to donate to the Trevor Project to help gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens across the country, instead of asking for gifts. 

As an openly gay teenager, I've found our society talks a lot about acceptance, tolerance, and love for one another; yet in my life I have learned the constant neglect of all these things in our culture, especially in the treatment of gays. The term "gay" is still synonymous with lesser. "Fag" is one of the most derogatory terms out there, and is commonplace in the halls of schools, malls, and other public places. I find it silly that we (the LGBT community) have to fight for the same rights as heterosexuals. The fight for gay rights seems ominously similar to the civil and women's rights movements. 

A donation of $15 to the Trevor Project is enough to fund one Trevor Lifeline call. One call; one life. The Trevor Project focuses on suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBT youth who are at risk of harming themselves. 

Please help make this birthday my best ever -- donate to my campaign! 

-- Read my article about freedom, acceptance, and LGBT rights here. --

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