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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State Division Of Parole!

We, the family, friends and supporters of Lawrence Hayes are requesting that the New York State Board of Parole permanently release him from parole. At the age of 62 and going on 23 years on parole, Lawrence's impressive personal achievements, accomplished work history and community involvement proves undoubtedly that he is a responsible, respected and well loved asset to the community.

In 1991, then Governor of New York State, Mario Cuomo, reviewed Lawrence's upstanding 20 year prison record and recognized his commitment to bettering himself and being a positive role model for those around him. This prompted the Governor to write a letter of recommendation on Lawrence's behalf urging the board of parole to give him every consideration possible for release. The board heeded the call and a community gained a much needed trusted benefactor.

In the 22 years since he has been out of prison, Lawrence earned a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling, before leaving prison. After release, Lawrence is a tax paying citizen and has maintained a very impressive work record. He has worked as a Consultant for Hands Off Cane/a United Nation's NGO; as a research assistant for the well known Innocence Project and as a Community Liaison, for the New York City Council, in the office of Councilmember, Hon, James Sanders (currently a member of the NYS Senate). Currently, Lawrence works as a counselor at Heritage, Health & Housing, Inc. Lawrence also volunteers at organizations, such as, Amnesty International in addition to being the Co-founder and active member of Campaign to End The Death Penalty.

Since 1996, Lawrence has been a well known and liked advocate against the Death Penalty and has spoken at some of America's most prestigious Universities and Colleges, including Harvard, Columbia, American University, George Town, Brown, etc. In addition, his most important role and one he is most proud of, is being a single father to his 19 year old daughter who is now attending college and working. In short, it is more than apparent, to anyone who has met Lawrence or reviews his activities, that Lawrence has made a very impressive readjustment to society.

After experiencing 20 years of incarceration and 22 years of parole, we believe Lawrence Hayes has more than paid his debt to society. Therefore, with this petition, we ask New York State Governor, Hon. Andrew Cuomo and Executive Chairperson of The New York State Division of Parole to heed the urgent call of the community and grant Lawrence Hayes release from parole custody.

We know Lawrence does not represent a threat to his community or society and deserves to have the freedoms and liberties all citizens are entitled.


Family, Friends, Supporters of Lawrence Hayes


Christina Metatronic

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Lawrence is an upstanding member of the community who poses no threat and should be granted release from parole custody so he can share the same freedoms as all citizens do!


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