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Good Day Everyone!
Blue Lion Rescue needs a LOT of help here. The state wants Blue Lion to build an inescapable perimeter fence around all the enclosures.  For all of you who have actually been there, you know that is a HUGE area! They are threatening to close Blue Lion down if it isn't built. And if that happens, you know that all these dogs will be put to sleep. Lisa spoke to a neighbor who is willing to build a privacy fence for them for around $10,000. For the enormous area involved, it's a bargain! Obviously they do not HAVE $10,000.00 so she needs to raise it asap.

PLEASE donate as much as you possibly can so we can keep Blue Lion open! To donate through PayPal, use the e-mail Mark it as a gift . Or checks can be sent through the mail to: Blue Lion Rescue, P.O. Box 11, Yoder, CO 80864. Please don't let dogs like Rhino or any of the other dogs at Blue Lion, die because they don't have the money for a perimeter fence.  $5, $10, $20 ~ no dollar amount is too small....

The State will claim that they will rehome or relocate most of these dogs.  When in reality a lot of Blue Lions dogs will growl, protect and show aggression towards anyone they do NOT know.  This is a death sentence for all of them.  Blue Lion Dogs show aggression and no other rescue will take them in! Blue Lion loves and cares for their dogs!  Before coming to Blue Lion they did not know what love was!  They do now!  If it was not for Blue Lion Rescue most of them would not be here today!  Please do not let them close Blue Lion Rescue!  They need to build that fence.

More information please got to this thread...Please help Blue Lion Rescue!

Please share, share, share with your friends!  Thank you so much for your time!
Take Care,

Fiona xx

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