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This article about Dogs of Romania

was written by Cathy Kangas, member of HSUS board, a friend of ROLDA and the Romanian animals, adopting 3 dogs from us, last year.

This is one of the few opportunities that we were offered to promote Romanian animals situation in USA. It is not easy, as we all know, to find loyal animal lovers interested to dedicate time, energy, passion and commitment for these animals. After you read this article, please leave a comment under the Comments section of Huffingtonpost website.

We need more positive reactions, to motivate these amazing people that offer to our dogs a chance for a better life. We need help for more sterilizations, to open soon a wild habitat for un-adoptable dogs - we need international recognition.

After years of hard work, rising above some envy and negativism, surviving as a charity against all the odds, we deserve some good things to happen for our dogs. Please sustain Cathy Kangas and her campaign to support ROLDA dogs!

Many thanks! ROLDA team


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