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Resist Greenpeace and other forest NGOs' greenwash of old-growth forest logging

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TAKE ACTION to stop Greenpeace's support for old-growth forest logging:

Greenpeace continues to espouse nonsense that logging old-growth forests is protection and can be done in an environmentally acceptable manner. Their recent case studies claim that Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of first time industrial logging of hundreds of millions of acres of old-growth forests has "led to a substantial improvement in forest management practices." Loss and diminishment of primary rainforests and other old-growth forests are never ecologically sustainable – and threaten local peoples, species, ecosystems, climate, and the biosphere with collapse and death. Please demand that Greenpeace and pals resign from FSC immediately, end all involvement with primary rainforest and other old-growth logging, and work exclusively for old forest protection, restoration, and small-scale local eco-forestry. We have been asking Greenpeace politely to stop helping log old-growth for the past six years (see  ) and been stonewalled and ridiculed, during which time many old forests have fallen and the fate of the biosphere become more unclear (read the science by our own Dr. Glen Barry at ). 

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