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Jim Nielson, COO; Ted Frumkin, Senior VP of Business Development; Doug Sanders, President and CEO; Shon Boney, Co-founder; Seth Brown, Vice President – Store Development; Elizabeth Hoxworth, Director of Real Estate

Please do not build a Sprouts market on the Gill Tract in Albany, CA.

The Gill Tract Farm is public land and it is a unique natural
resource for our community. We have been fighting for decades to
preserve this land as agricultural land and an urban community farm.
This is one of the last large plots of farmland in our urban area, and
its soil fertility has been fed by the rising and receding cycle of two
creeks which have deposited a wealth of nutrients over millennia. The
land’s use as a farm, greenhouses and/or low-impact housing over the
last century have protected it from the lead and arsenic contamination
that makes most urban soil unsafe for food production.

We, the undersigned, pledge to boycott all Sprouts stores until until you withdraw from any plans to develop on the Gill Tract.


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Occupy The Farm

Sprouts "Farmers Market" grocery chain has announced that it plans to build a new store in Albany, CA on the site of the historic Gill Tract Farm. Their market and parking lot will pave over a rare natural resource for our urban community, and we need your help to save the Gill Tract, by convincing Sprouts to build somewhere else! Boycott Sprouts until they withdraw from the development agreement.Sign our petition. Spread the world to your friends on facebook or twitter! Visit (website will go live on July 6.)

Our community has been fighting to preserve this land for urban agriculture for over 15 years. The Gill Tract Farm is some of the last Class 1 (best) soil remaining in the urbanized east bay area. The soil fertility has been fed by the rising and receding cycle of two creeks which run through the land and are also endangered by the development. Last year, Whole Foods was slated to build a store on the same site Sprouts is now considering, but pulled out and is opening their store two blocks away. Sprouts can do the same! Thank you for helping us protect one of our most precious resources: our farmland!


The Gill Tract Farmer's Collective


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