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A COUP or NOT A COUP that is the Question? To all my friends who are confused about what is happening in Egypt! FIRST Morsi was NOT a democratically elected president: there was massive rigging. Many poor's votes were purchased with little money or in-kind trivialities. Extreme mosque leaders poisoned many people's decisions by convincing them that whoever wouldn't vote for Morsi will end up in hell! Now how democratic is this, taking advantage of people's poverty and ignorance?? If you still think this is democracy then on the same line Mubarak was a fairly elected president and what happened 2 years ago was NOT revolution but a COUP that was welcomed internationally. SECOND, Asking Morsi to resign is not against democratic procedures. None of the revolution's demands were met, Morsi and the (Muslim Brotherhood) took the country in another direction that mainly reflected their desire to dominate the state, and did not build a democracy (freedom), or managed to improve the living standards of Egyptians and provide their basic needs. Even the people who voted for him ONLY to prevent the other candidate of the old regimen from winning (because of the fear of resurrecting Mobarak regimen) regretted it. So there has been a popular demand to go into early elections but he didn't listen to the people. THIRD, he abolished the word "Democracy" last November when he awarded himself sweeping presidential powers that were not initially outlined in the constitution. They were approved by the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated constitutional assembly. FOURTH, Almost 25 million people signed a petition asking for early elections and change of a corrupt government but he didn't care. 3 MONTHS AGO, he was told that if no action is taken, we will protest! He cared less. LASTLY, what happened in Egypt earlier is by no means a military coup as you call it. The military's intervention was very welcome and CAME ONLY as a response of what the masses desired (POPULAR DEMAND that out numbered pro morsi's at least 10X = DEMOCRACY). THE PEOPLE of Egypt called them in because they have had enough and they were willing to shed blood in order to FREE the country from him. They called them NOT to govern but to prevent more bloodshed, to maintain security in the country while a transition government is being formed. That's why it is a REVOLUTION NOT A COUP! ALL MY RESPECT to the 33 Million in Egypt who freed my country. CHAPEAU  


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