Sign the Petition to Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister of Sweden

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The aim of this petition is to elicit support from the international community to pressure Carl Bildt to issue a statement asking the Tunisian government to release Daniel Bakke and his colleague Pelle, since they are innocent!  

"I'm Daniel's brother, Christian Franzetti. I've been dealing with this tragedy for the past 8 months. Swedish officials are lame - they believe in silent diplomacy, while they give away many millions of dollars in aid to the same country that keeps my brother imprisoned, innocent. 

We need your support to make the Swedish government, and the foreign minister Carl Bildt. take responsibility to protect their citizens and get these innocent guys out of prison in a foreign country. 

It would mean so much to me if you could give me a few minutes of your precious time - please sign this petition and send it to anyone you know who cares about human rights."

Thank you, 

Christian Franzetti 


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