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About This Fundraiser

UPDATE! Construction has begun! Click here for the regular updates blog.

The Kasese Humanist Primary School, a Secular Humanist school in Uganda, was recently able to buy their own plot of land thanks to the generous public support of Humanists, atheists and other supporters. A subsequent fundraiser has secured the funds to bring electricity to the land

We are now at the most exciting and challenging point - raising funds to build the  classrooms on the new property that will make up the new school and allow it to move to rent-free land of its own. This fundraiser will allow the school to take this next important step to self-sufficiency.

The school faces an extra challenge due to its secular nature in a very religious part of the world. Local funding is hard to come by and although there is a plethora of religious charities out there, secular charities are still few. Taken from the school's funding proposal document (see below):

"It should be noted with concern that KHPS as a secular school, its very hard to get financial assistance from most donor organizations especially those which are religious based hence giving us the only option to entirely rely on in-kind generous donations from friends and well-wishers from the free thought world." 

Why Build A New School?
The school is currently leasing land from the railroad company which used to be a rail station. Because the land and buildings are leased, any modifications or improvements to the land and buildings cannot be made permanent.  Furthermore, important funds are being lost to paying rent that could go to more worthy projects.  To address this issue, new land has been purchased. It is now time to begin developing this land with the construction of new, more permanent, school facilities.

How Much Will It Cost?
Ten new classrooms will be built by a local contractor: 3 nursery and 7 primary. Washroom facilities will also be constructed.  This will bring revenue into the local economy. You can find the full funding proposal document, with cost breakdown, here: KHPS Classroom Construction Proposal
Although the exact goal is $32,761.33 USD, I have decided to bump it up to $35,000.00 USD to cover overhead processing fees from, a bank draft and fluctuating currency exchange rates. Besides, any additional funding will go to either improving the construction quality of the school or directly to other school projects.

UPDATE (2014-01-07) : Because of monies coming in directly to Atheist Alliance International, we are able to reduce the total amount required by $5,000 USD to $30,000! Read about it here.
UPDATE (2014-03-07): Again because of monies coming in directly to Atheist Alliance International, we are able to reduce the total amount required by $4,000 USD to $26,000! Read about it here.
For more information on the school and regular reports on how previous fundraisers for the school have helped, you can read about it at my blog, My Secret Atheist Blog.

More About the School

Kasese Humanist Primary School is a secular Nursery & Primary School offering Primary Education to Ugandan Children. The education offered is free from dogmas and indoctrination. 

The school is the first of its kind in the Kasese district to be set up based on Humanist values and ethics, offering basic subjects as stipulated by the Uganda Primary School Curriculum and in addition Humanism lessons are conducted. In all subjects taught at school, emphasis is put on the application of a scientific approach and critical thinking. The school encourages pupils to be rational, innovative, creative, skilled, compassionate and tolerant.

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