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Stop City College of San Francisco's Forced Closure! Cut Costs by Contracting Out the Law Enforcement Services.  Many Colleges across the USA contract out their law enforcement services to local law enforcement agencies.

The benefits of the contract, which include:

1. Consistent and guaranteed staffing levels. 

2. Reduced liability exposure to the college.

3. Expansion and growth capabilities.

4. Comprehensive law enforcement services.

We believe CCSF should contract out the Law Enforcement Services base on cost saving factors and the above benefits.


Ken Lomba

If you care about San Francisco, you should sign this petition.  It will offer an idea, if implemented that would offer a cost saving measure for CCSF by contracting Law Enforcement Services instead of CCSF attempting to run its on Campus Police.  Based on the Accreditation audit CCSF had poor management and fiscal waste.  CCSF should not be in the law enforcement business.  Contract the Law Enforcement Services to a large agency in SF and leave it to the professionals.


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