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Local government in Hawthorne should immediately investigate the shooting death of "Max", Leon Rosby's dog, by a Hawthorne police department. We demand the resignation from assaulting officer, and an evaluation of training so officers can better defuse chaotic situations involving animals. Lethal force should be an absolute last resort. This case is not alone; there are many animal shooting deaths each year by law enforcement when raiding homes, arresting suspects (many of whom are innocent or have no charges filed), and a myriad situations. "Shoot first" only results in damaging law enforcement's credibility and trust with the public and only results in unnecessary death and public tension. Such egregious behavior cannot be tolerated within a police force hoping to maintain any modicum of integrity to protect and serve the public. Please stand up for what is right and take action immediately.Sincerely, [Your name]

Please view video and the owners account of his pet being killed by police.Man Describes Shooting Of Dog By Hawthorne Police

Police Shoot Dog in Hawthorne, California


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