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Spread juvenile arthritis awareness.

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How this will help

This is Bailey. She has juvenile arthritis (JA), a disease that affects 300,000 children in the United States alone. Bailey and other kids with JA have immune systems that attack their joints, causing swelling, stiffness and permanent damage - sometimes even resulting in death.

When Bailey was only two, her parents took her to the doctor for a swollen knee. After countless x-rays, being poked and prodded for blood tests, and excruciating procedures like drawing fluid from her knee, Bailey was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. 

Her autoimmune disease can even spread to her eyes, which, left untreated, can cause blindness. The condition is called uveitis.

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. We want to spread the word and raise awareness of juvenile arthritis so that a cure will be found. Children should not have to live with diseases like this. Take the pledge, for Bailey and the thousands of children out there like her, to share her story and to tell at least 1 person this month about JA. These kids need your help!


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