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The riders with special needs that come to Partners For Progress every day have great expectations and hope – to improve their daily lives by strengthening their abilities and mastering life skills. In order to assist them achieve their dreams, Partners For Progress provides the best piece of therapeutic equipment available for overall success – the horse. Nothing that is man-made can match the therapeutic value of our horses.

These incredible "equine therapists" provide over 10,000 hours of therapy a year for our riders. Quite honestly, the condition of the horses greatly contributes to the 79% goal achievement success rate our riders are experiencing. Your compassionate support is an essential part of this equation.

Every year, Partners For Progress holds a Derby Weekend Fundraising Gala with the express purpose of providing the horses with their essential living needs – hay, grain, shavings, and manure removal. If the horses do not get the proper nutrition and care, they cannot provide top quality therapy. It's as the saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out" – you get out what you put in. Partners For Progress strives to get out the best quality therapeutic treatment for every rider that walks through our doors. That means quality care for the horses.

Since the drought of 2012, the cost of this quality care has risen over 200%. During this time the horses at PFP have been able to continue supporting and increasing goal achievement. Your incredibly generous donations have allowed us to maintain the therapy that is changing our rider's lives.

It is our goal to purchase the best quality hay and grain that we can as it comes out of the fields for the remainder of the year to avoid further cost increases. Currently, these basic living needs total:

$300/day   $2,100/wk   $9,000/mth   $27,000/qtr   $54,000/ ½ yr    $108.000/yr

Your continued compassionate support is what helps the horses change the lives of our riders daily. It also changes the lives of so many in the community – volunteers, teachers, parents, neighbors, employers, and more.

Won't you please help give hope to the riders of Barbie, Champ, Cloud, Fiona, Goldie, Haley, KC, Legend, Lola, Party Girl, Reba, Roxy, Rupert, Savana, Selena, Shrek, Toby, and Uno? Your support makes all the difference. THANK YOU

P.S. You can become a member of The PFP Hundred Club with a $100 donation. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference! Thank you!

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