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Spend 10% of my total food budget on foods grown or raised within 100 miles of Chattanooga.

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How this will help

Welcome to the TasteBuds 10% Challenge! We are challenging you to pledge to spend 10% of your total food budget on foods grown within 100 miles of Chattanooga.

In a 2008 Ochs Center study, it was estimated that if Chattanoogans were to purchase just 5% of their food from local farmers, it would add an impressive $100 million to the local economy EVERY YEAR. Let's double it!

What does 10% look like? It can look like eating just 2 meals per week prepared from primarily local ingredients. If you spend $100 on food each week, think about it- that's only $10 you would have to fulfill by shopping at a local farmers market or taking the day to pick your own berries!

Why do it? If everyone in Chattanooga took the pledge, it would add $200 million each year to the local economy, and have a huge positive impact on our health and the healthy eating habits of our kids. Do your part! Take the opportunity to spend your 10% on the freshest food available and taste the difference!



*TasteBuds Local Food Guide

TasteBuds is Chattanooga's FREE guide to finding locally grown and crafted foods! It provides a listing of of local farms, farmer's markets, CSA programs, restaurants, grocers, food artisans, pick-your-own programs, local food events and local food news. You can use it to find local food in Chattanooga! It is available in a print or online version.  Copies of the printed TasteBuds can be found at one of our several partner locations downtown. Click here for a list of distribution locations.

*TasteBuds Online

TasteBuds Online is a free and convenient way to search for local food and to learn more about the farms, businesses, and organizations listed in the guide.

-Use the "Shop for Local Food" map to find a farm stand, restaurant, food artisan or grocer near you where you can buy local food
-Search by name for information and pictures of a specific farm or food-related business (i.e. Crabtree Farms or St. John's)
-Search by product to find the item you are looking for and a farm that produces it locally (i.e. collards)
-Search "Farmers Markets" to find markets where you can buy local foods directly

You can also read articles from the TasteBuds Local Food Guide and check out the local food events on the website.

*Right Here, Right Now

Each month, visit your farmers market for farmer-written recipes, featuring delicious ingredients in-season, right here, right now. August is Sweet Corn month!

*Harvested Here label

Whether you are shopping at your neighborhood grocery store, community farmers' market, or eating at a local restaurant, look for the Harvested Here label – it indicates food grown within 100 miles of Chattanooga. If you don't see it, ask your produce, meat department or restaurant manager to start offering locally-grown food.

*Downtown Local Food Map

The Downtown Local Food Map highlights restaurants, food artisans, and farmers markets that source local ingredients and can be used as a quick reference for downtown eaters. Click here for a pdf of the Map!


Need more help fulfilling your 10% Challenge pledge? Follow the TasteBuds 10% Challenge Facebook Group for tips, recipes, and suggestions!


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