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Support clean energy policies that free our nation from its oil dependence

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Every July 4th, we come together as Americans to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This day marks the end of a hard fought war in which a group of patriots overcame tyranny to build a nation founded upon individual freedoms.

Today, we face another threat to our freedom, not from the red coats but from our dependence on oil. Our single-source reliance on oil weakens our economy, forces us to spend billions securing oil supplies, and costs us at the pump.  

The military is leading this fight to combat these threats and secure our energy future. From biofuels for the Navy's battleships to solar panels on forward operating bases in Afghanistan to turbines on bases in Ohio, the military is doing what it's always done: making America strong.

Take this pledge and join the veterans of Operation Free as we take a stand to secure our nation with clean energy.     

Happy 4th of July! 


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