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Support Ecological Internet by donating what I can afford and taking action together for climate and

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The Earth's leading biocentric data and action network needs your donation to continue protecting ecosystems, and spreading deeply ecology and green liberty thought and solutions  

Appeal for donations from Dr. Glen Barry, President, Ecological Internet

* We are 41% to our goal of $25K, with 58 donors having given $10,237. To meet basic expenses and remain open, much less continue to innovate, we must raise $14,750 in the next month. There is very little wiggle room with a  lean budget, yet we are confident we can raise these funds together as we have in the past.  

Dear Ecological Internet colleagues,  

I don't think it is too late to save Earth, yet abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse are happening and getting worse. But what we do together in the next several years is going to determine how bad it is and whether we can survive and recover. And those equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills to build networks of ecological thought and action to facilitate solutions are going to need to be fully supported.  

Ecological Internet is Earth's leading global biocentric data and action network. Our work has been supported by the MacArthur Foundation and Google Grants, and repeatedly called visionary by outside independent observers. We are coming off an amazing year – contributing significantly to Tasmanian forest and British Columbia tar sand progress – in just the past month. For fourteen years, together we have routinely used our global reach to help facilitate on-the-ground conservation victories. We are in the midst of our vital mid-year fund-raiser and need your support now to keep on going at:  


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