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We urge you to use the GMO ingredients menu that you have on your website as the menu in your restaurants.  You need to give the same information to people in your restaurant as you do on your website.  As a leader in the industry, we applaud you for taking important step of creating the menu but it's buried on your website.  Publicly displaying the menu would not only differentiate Chipotle from other restaurants, it would also set a standard for quality ingredients and educate consumers about GMOs.  You could be a leader in changing the industry.


Organic Consumers Association

Do you have the right to know what's in your food? If you order a burrito, shouldn't you have the right to know if it contains genetically modified ingredients? Sixty-four countries have either banned GMOs (genetically modified organisms), or have enacted laws requiring mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients. Yet here in the U.S., consumers are kept in the dark. 

Thankfully, restaurants like Chipotle are taking a stand. Chiptole has created a GMO ingredients menu. Great idea, except that the menu is buried on the restaurant chain's website. Wouldn't it make more sense to post the menu in all Chipotle restaurants, where customers could see it? 

Please sign the petition encouraging Chipotle to post its GMO ingredients menu in all of its restaurants.



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