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Nelson Mandela is critically ill in hospital and most reports seem to indicate that he won't recover. I think that the time for wishing for recovery has gone. I wish him a peaceful and painless time as he passes.But if I could send him a message. It would be a huge THANK YOU.He was the victim of an extremist oppressive regime who imprisoned him for almost 30 years. What did this magnificent man do whilst in prison?Did he plot bombings on government targets?Did he plot the recruitment of an army of suicide bombers? Did he plot revenge?Mandela did none of this !!! HE PLOTTED PEACE !!!He led the WHOLE South African Nation to a peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy. A feat the rest of the world can still hardly believe. But I will wish for and ask those of you who pray to pray for Nelson Mandela to live on in the hearts of his followers and guide them away from the strife that will follow if they vent their (understandable) anger after his death.LETS SEND A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD THAT WE CAN ALL FOLLOW MANDELA AND EVERYBODY CAN START TODAY,   !!!!!  RIGHT NOW  !!!!!     !!!!! BY PLOTTING PEACE !!!!!   !!!!!  RIGHT NOW  !!!!!

None of the worlds countries, cultures, religions, ethnic groups etc can honestly claim to have been perfect in the past. Remember when you point a finger to blame someone else the other THREE fingers of that hand are pointing RIGHT BACK AT YOU.

So everybody putting our hands up and saying "Okay give us another chance at peace and we PROMISE to try harder this time"  must be the starting point for a true world peace. I ask everyone to join this cause now

!!!!!! BEFORE HE PASSES !!!!!!!

so that he can die with the knowledge that  what he started will not finish UNTIL IT IS FINISHED.

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