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Help us to find a marrow donor (stem cell) for Kasia - she has leukemia and has to have a transplantation. She is 29 years old and has a lovely family - a one-year old daughter and a supporting husband. The leukemia has been identified 2 months ago - it was a shock for everybody as Kasia has been a perfectly healthy young lady so far. We believe that Kasia will win with the cancer - she had already taken chemotherapy, which is fortunately working but unfortunately she has a Philadelphia chromosome (a bad one) what means that she has to have a bone marrow transplantation in order to get rid of leukemia fully.  It's very easy to help - just register as a bone marrow donor! It takes about an hour - you can go to your local blood center or register online in a ngo - They will send you all you need - a small cotton swab which you just need to put into your mouth (so that they have your DNA) and send back.  The probability of finding your blood twin is low - 1: 200 000. To give away the bone marrow it's easy and has no risk for the donor. Please, register and help Kasia or other unlucky person with leukemia. We can rescue many lives together - we just need to take a little time to register and wait till our match will be found. 

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