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To stop giving any more announcements and asking to be delegated anywhere else than our country.

our Excellency, Ambassador of the United States – The people of the world do not understand the language of interests. The people of the world understand the values of freedom, justice, independence and rights. Your Excellency, Anne Patterson, US Ambassador at the Arab Republic of Egypt: We send you our regards and inform you that we, the undersigned, including citizens, organizations, civic and political movements, hereby inform you that we do not wish for you to remain as the representative of the United States of America in Egypt. This is after you have made unacceptable statements that we consider to be insulting and interfering in the current affairs and future of the great people of Egypt. Your statements that were first made at an event hosted by an Egyptian civil society organization, sounded like instructions more than advice, which is something that Egyptians reject. It seemed as if you have put yourself in the position of a teacher to the Egyptian people, which is something that perplexed and continues to perplex the modern and developed world. The Egyptian Revolution and whatever revolves in its sphere is a purely Egyptian matter, and no Egyptian citizen would accept any foreigner to interfere in it. It is surprising and unacceptable what was published about your comments regarding the protests of June 30, as well as your visit to the Egyptian citizen, Khayrat al Shater in his office and your visit to the Interior Minister, and then not disclosing what was discussed in those meetings. Your Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador, the Egyptian citizens have not seen any support from your country to our ongoing Revolution beyond the canisters of tear gas that has caused many Egyptian citizens to suffocate on the streets and in their homes. Your Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador, the United States is expected to have a long history of supporting rights, freedoms, and the principles of independence, which your country is about to celebrate in a few days. However, the reality is that the United States of America’s practices totally contradict what are declared to be values and principles that your country is supposed to believe in. Your Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador, it is your right to express the interests of your country and its foreign policy, which you are a part of. However, it is unacceptable for your country’s interests to be at the expense of the principles of freedom, justice and dignity that are part of the Egyptian people’s rights as well as the rights of other citizens of the world. We ask your Excellency to stop making any other statements and to request to be reassigned to any other country.            


Bassem Samir

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