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The Sherriff has just notified us 12 of 18 Towing services will no longer be needed effective August 1,2013. Only 6 on FHP will remain. How can they inspect last month and pass, only to be told it does not matters. Many of these companies  put there life savings to meet the requirements necessary to be on rotation. New locations, new security etc. How can after requesting this ,can they than turn around and dismiss these companies? How can One of those 6 be a FHP reservist and be on rotation too?  What do you think? Should this be allowed? Is this not a right to work state? How can they dictate the Towing Companies who are allowed to reap the benefits of all? And at what cost?  Who pays the price? The consumer will of course! Who will be effected? The insurance companies? The local mom and pop body shop? How can any now make any money, as only the six towing companies will now delegate there service to there own body shops! Lets us stand together!   Please sign our petition so we can right what is wrong!


Joanna Gorneault

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