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President Obama, California Governor Jerry Brown,Attorney General,District Attorney : Familes with children,teens or young adults who lives were stolen.

We, the friends, family and supporters of Christy Phillips, an innocent woman serving Life Without The Possibility of Parole (LWOP), are requesting that Governor Jerry Brown review the merits of her case as it is riddled with numerous Constitutional and Miranda rights violations. 28 year old Christy is entering her 13th year of LWOP which she unjustly received in 2002 at the age of 16 for the murder of an elder woman in San Bernardino, California.  

The conviction was solely based on a coerced false videotaped confession illegally obtained by authorities. The false confession was the only “evidence” the prosecution had.

There was no physical evidence, forensics or DNA linking Christy to the crime.

There were partial fingerprints discovered at crime scene that did not match Christy's but this information was not divulged to the jury.

There was evidence found at crime scene that was never tested for DNA or submitted into evidence.

There was a person at the scene of the crime who was never charged.

Christy received ineffective counsel due to her public defender not raising the issue of the violation of her Miranda Rights which would have required the suppression of the coerced false videotaped confession that was illegally obtained by authorities.

Christy was denied the right to have a parent or legal counsel present during her interrogation.

It is also important to note that Christy was 15 years old at the time of questioning by officers and was suffering from mental disabilities.

During jury instructions, Juror #2, stated that she was good friends with one of the officers who was involved in Christy's case and slated to testify in her trial. The officer and other detectives involved in the case were members of Juror #2's church. This juror should have been dismissed due to conflict of interest. 

The gravity of the legal violations raised in this petition can no longer be ignored. Christy's case warrants serious review. After 13 years of being locked up for a crime she did not commit, it is time that Christy receive justice.

We are requesting she receive clemency or immediate parole.

Sincerely, Family, Friends and Supporters


Marion Fulmore-Crawford

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