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As I get older, I tend to look back and contemplate on how the Tibetan Freedom Movement has evolved over the years that I've been involved. Although Tibet is in a very critical situation right now, I am proud of how Tibetans across the globe have taken initiatives to strengthen the movement further. For me, as well as to many that I know, Students for a Free Tibet has played a major role in terms of my engagement with the movement. 

I started out two years ago as a junior in high school, wanting to spread more awareness about Tibet and enable students to take action. That's when I started a SFT chapter at my high school with the help of some close friends and led it for the last two years of my high school. For a student like me, who barely had any leadership experience, heading a chapter was a big feat. I continued and expanded my involvement with SFT by serving as the Midwest Regional Coordinator for the the last two years working with SFT chapters across Midwest.

I write this to ask you all for an early gift for my 19th birthday. Although my birthday isn't for about two more months, I'd like to request your help in monetary support to raise funds to travel to Germany for SFT's International Action Camp that will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from August 7th - 13th. I'm looking to raise $600 that will help me tremendously to pay for my flight to Germany.

I've seen the change that SFT has made, not only in myself but in other students that I continue to work with. Two years ago, I would've never thought I could serve as a leader in the Tibet Freedom Movement. However, through SFT's regional/national conferences, and the work by the amazing HQ staff, I've truly been able to grow my leadership and activism skills. I've also witnessed similar developments in other students through the work of SFT. These are students who have similar passion and drive to stand up against injustice and fight for the freedom of Tibet.

Attending the Action Camp will not only help me learn more about non-violent direct action and grassroots activism, but it will also help me to share everything I learn with students and community members when I return. 

Any help will be most appreciated! 

With Best, 



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