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We were born to dance, born to move, born to stand out, born to make a dent in this world for a higher purpose.

Many girls cannot dance because they are in bondage from sex trafficking/modern day slavery, affecting more than 27 million victims in our world today.

Amazing organizations, like International Justice Mission, are working to put an end to these injustices by rescuing girls out of this vicious system, putting them on the path to rehabilitation and healing. Once the rescue happens, the journey has just begun for these girls in aftercare homes, to reclaim their lives and move into a future with hope. This happens through education, counseling, mentors, vocational training and a lot of love.

Hoola for Happiness has an amazing opportunity to partner with some of these homes in India at the end of this year, through dance movement therapy programs in the homes.

We want to see the complete healing of each of these girls, in mind, body and spirit. Dance is an incredible way to experience freedom. Hooping is great exercise and a lot of fun, bringing joy, laughter, confidence, creativity and smiles. We will also be incorporating positive messages about body image, self esteem, inner healing and giving back through the hoop. 

The details are still being worked out, but here is what we need:
  1. 600 travel hoops, enough for each girl to get her own: 600 x $7 (350 rupees) = $4,200. We are making these hoops in Ranchi, North India, with our missions partner, the Good News Centre. This will cover costs of material and time to make them, providing mission support and jobs in India to our partners.
  2. Additional hoop dance teachers (in progress) - everyone will have to raise their own support to get there and teach
  3. Lodging/transportation funds for at least three months (fundraising for these costs, and exploring some cheap group housing options)
  4. Lots of prayers for open doors and open hearts! 

Hoola for Happiness is a non-profit organization based in Tampa, Florida (USA) that uses hoola hoops to spread joy. We take hoops all over the world to children, teens and adults in impoverished countries, as well as hoop locally with different nonprofits, events, churches and youth groups. We want to unite the hooping community with passion and purpose by showing God's love to all.

Our hoops have made their way to 39 countries with our team of Hoola for Happiness Joy Spreaders (hoop missionaries). Our 25 Joy Spreaders make and sell handmade "Hoola for Life" hoops with a positive message, as well as teach local dance classes, in the hopes of raising funds to support underprivileged children and their families, donate hoops, spread joy, and BE the love of God!

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