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President Obama and U.S. Trade Representative Froman

I am writing to you, as a concerned consumer, about two global trade agreements that are currently in negotiations: The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Both of these trade agreements have the potential to seriously undermine U.S. Food safety regulations, and render both the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration and the U.S. government powerless to protect consumers from contaminated and unsafe, untested food products and food

I am deeply troubled that these two trade agreements, huge in scope and reach, are being negotiated behind closed doors, with no input from
the consumers, farmers and governments that will be most affected by their policies. Not even members of Congress have been allowed access to
the negotiations or draft texts. Yet negotiators have solicited input from more than 600 corporations and industry trade groups, all of whom place a higher value on shareholder value and profits, than on public health and safety, future sustainability of the world’s food supply, or basic democratic principles.

Of even greater concern is the fact that plans call for “Fast Tracking” these agreements, which means effectively bypassing the U.S. democratic process and eliminating all reasonable checks and balances.

I am calling on you both to immediately grant access to all negotiating texts associated with these trade agreements, and open up all future negotiations to a full debate, by the public and by Congress.

And I respectfully ask that you halt plans to Fast Track these agreements, and instead subject them to our time-honored democratic process.

In an era where climate change has become a legitimate threat to the world’s food supplies, we need to protect individual states’ and countries rights to enact laws that allow them to protect local food
supplies. We should not be granting corporations the power to undermine governments’ abilities to protect the public health of their citizens.


Organic Consumers Association

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