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City of San Antonio, TX

Horses work 10 hour shifts in the hottest conditions with only 10 minute breaks. A carriage ride in San Antonio might seem like harmless fun, but in reality, the abuse and hardships the animals face in the horse carriage industry are anything but harmless. The horses who pull carriages in San Antonio perform hard labor 10 hours a day, seven days a week, whether it's sweltering hot, when horses are allowed to work in 95 degree temperatures, or freezing cold, breathing hazardous exhaust fumes and walking miles through dangerous traffic. These horses stand in the same position for hours when not hired. These rides aren't necessary and other vehicles can be used to conduct tours of the city. Please sign to end carriage rides using horses in San Antonio.


Marsha Estefan

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Please sign to help these animals who have no voice but ours.

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