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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

We the People of Canada, request that Sharia Law is banned in our country. It's an infringement of our Human Rights, our Freedoms, and our customs. There is no place for Sharia Law in our justice system or our Laws. Not only is it against Human Rights, it's also against Women's Rights and equality. Take a look at the other countries that have Sharia Law. Think about the safety of all Canadians that will be left hanging in the balance, of countless women who will suffer at the hands of Sharia Law. Think about it Mr. Harper. This is the 21st century, not the Dark Ages. 


Pradigie Thisone

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You should sign this petition if you want to ensure the safety of you, your family, your children, your country. We cannot live in fear of stepping on someones toes for not liking their ideals.


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