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Whenever I walk through an area like Los Angeles's Skid Row or San Francisco's Tenderloin, one of my first thoughts is "I wish you could see what I see". Just this last week I was walking through the Tenderloin and came upon a severally disabled  man sitting on the sidewalk trying to put on an old sock.  I gave him new socks and I wish you could have seen his smile. A few blocks later I ran into a man wearing a handkerchief around his face as a mask. He was holding a $100 bill in the air asking for the whereabouts of someone. It was a little scary. I wish you could see how volatile the streets really are.

By now most of you have heard about Google Glass. Basically, it's a wearable computer that will allow point-of-view photos and videos including live streaming.  Just this last week a surgeon used Google Glass to stream a surgical procedure live to a Google Hangout. The possibilities for social activism are endless.

It's exciting that Google has picked Invisible People to be a part of their "Explorer Project." What that means is Google has selected us to receive Google Glass earlier than most everyone else. It's really a privilege to have a homeless nonprofit be selected, and the use of Glass fits our work tremendously. I really would be able to take you all along with me as I go into tent cities and under bridges.

The bad news is we have to raise $1,500 plus tax to acquire our own Google Glass, and we only have 7 days to make it happen or we lose the opportunity.

Since our start in 2008, Invisible People has used new technologies to help share the true story of people experiencing homelessness. We have reached new stakeholders that would have never talked about the issues of homelessness, but are now fully engaged in this cause.   If 150 of you simply give $10 we can make this happen. If 60 of you gave $25 this would be a done deal. Maybe you're a brand and would like to cover the entire cost. All I know is Google has given us a huge opportunity to use new technology to fight homelessness and we have to at least try and make this a reality! 


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