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Can Engage is a community service project that will put 5 Tibetan children in Litang County, Sichuan, China through three years of high school.

The project intends to raise $10,000 in support of Machik, a non-governmental organization that works directly with the people of the Tibetan Plateau in developing new opportunities for education and training, and for revitalizing local communities and strengthening capacity. Since 2002, Machik has been delivering its education program in this remote area through the Chungba Primary School (CPS) and Chungba Middle School (CMS). Can Engage's funding target will cover the cost for three girls and two boys who have graduated from CMS to earn a three-year high-school education, which includes tuition, boarding, food, transportation and healthcare.

Through Can Engage, we seek to bring together Canadians of Chinese and Tibetan descent to engage in constructive dialogue about the issues that divide these communities and about Canada's relationship to the Tibetan Plateau. We also seek to cultivate positive relations between the two communities by exemplifying a spirit of cooperation and friendship, and promoting unity through shared causes and adherence to Canada's humanitarian values.

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