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Eastern Pacific Sea Turtles, like all sea turtles, are endangered. Although the Federal Endangered Species Act protects this species, thousands are accidentally killed every year by boats, entanglement, and by consuming drifting trash. Coastal development limits acceptable nesting beaches, and discourages turtles from coming ashore to lay their eggs. Sea turtles are impacted here in San Diego because the South Bay is one of their favorite foraging spots for eel grass, one of their favorite foods, due to its warm, shallow water.   

Located in the South Bay, the Living Coast Discovery Center is actively working to save the turtles by raising awareness of their struggles in the wild and caring for juvenile Pacific Green Sea Turtles on-site. At the center, these sea turtles receive daily care, plentiful food, any needed medical attention, and lots of love. (Look at our photos to see how big our little "kids" have grown!)   

The Sea Turtles at the Living Coast help the educators spread the word by providing up-close interactions with guests and making once-in-a lifetime connections. Once people have come face-to-face with an animal, the Living Coast has found that those individuals are more likely to make positive changes in their daily lives and help with wildlife conservation efforts.    

How can you help?
Save the sea turtles by clicking on the "donate" button to make a donation to the Living Coast Discovery Center and support our conservation efforts of this species. Your donation ensures their future! 

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