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Imagine waking up to discover your family's dog has gone missing. This is a routine scenario in Thailand, where criminal smugglers steal pets from people's homes as well as street dogs to sell to meat markets and restaurants in Vietnam. The dogs are cruelly packed in groups into tiny crates, with no room to move, and no food or water. The meat trade is illegal in Thailand, but high profits keep smugglers motivated to take the risk. 

There is good news - the government of Thailand is stepping up to stop this practice by setting up road blocks on the way into Vietnam. In a positive development, thousands of dogs were recently rescued by Thai authorities. These dogs were suffering from extreme neglect, and were malnourished and suffering from disease and injury. 

An estimated 5,000 dogs who were going to be sold into the meat trade are now safe - but immediate funding is needed to build new shelters as well as feed, care for, and rehabilitate this unprecedented number of pets. and The Animal Rescue Site are working with several partners on the ground to make sure these dogs are cared for, and that as many as possible are adopted into loving homes. 

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