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Meet Tony – a disheartened twelve-year-old faced with an uncertain future.

Before discovering his local Club, Tony didn't have any direction in his life. The oldest boy of seven children in a single-parent household, he struggled with the deaths of friends and family members, and he carried a heavy heart.

Then in the sixth grade, Tony joined the Club, and his future began to brighten.

Tony credits his Club with shaping him into an ambitious, confident young man: "Getting involved in my Club provided me with a path in life and purpose for the future," he says. Because of the Club's influence, Tony is now on the path to a great future.

Stay tuned for an update from Tony about where he is today, coming later this week!

Tony is just one of the some 4 million Club kids who have transformed their lives with help from their Club. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is the only national organization with the reach and proven track record to transform a generation, but we can't do it alone.

We need your help to end the dropout crisis. Please consider forever changing the lives of youth like Tony by sharing his story with your friends and family.

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