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Donate to build a toilet in Nepal

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How this will help

Resolve International is focused exclusively on Nepal.   Ranked 207th in terms of per capita GDP (source:  CIA Factbook), Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed nations on earth.   Many aid organizations are trying to help.  But often their projects leave holes through which the poorest of the poor can fall.  That's where Resolve International comes in.

In recent years there has been a coordinated effort to improve sanitation — and thus help prevent serious diseases like dysentery and cholera — through the provision of micro-finance loans that enable families to build toilets.  But 70% of Nepalese are subsistence farmers with no cash income and who are unable to repay loans, no matter how small.  For them Resolve International provides building materials, construction training and hygiene education so they can build toilets themselves.

We see our role as helping those often overlooked by larger charities.  And we need your help to ensure that even the poorest of Nepal's poor have a brighter future.


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