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Would you try to prevent your child from having a birth defect if you had the right resources? Help BDRC find the causes of birth defects by advocating, sharing, and entering into the National Birth Defect Registry. By pledging you will be entered to win a My First Disney Bear (see details below).

The National Birth Defect Registry (NBDR) is a research project designed through a collaboration of seven prominent scientists. The registry collects information on all categories of structural and functional birth defects as well as the health, genetic and environmental exposure histories of the mothers and fathers. The only way to prevent the increase in birth defects and disabilities is by being educated and practice what you know. 

Here is what we have accomplished through the NBDR

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder Report: Reporting the finds of high frequency of physical defects among children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in an analysis of 137 Autistic Spectrum Disorders in a database of 2,030 cases of birth defects in the NBDR. The report also includes the most frequent parental exposures and illnesses recorded for pre-conception and pregnancy.

  • Dickson, Tennessee: We have assisted the community of Dickson, Tennessee in identifying a cluster of cleft palate cases associated with a solvent (TCE) leaking into their water supply from an old landfill. The Center for Disease Control later confirmed this cluster.

  • Letter of Confirmation from EPA: Harold Zenick, Director of EPA and Ph.D., stated " Your birth defect registry is the type of effort needed to make linkages between environmental exposures and birth defects."

Check out what we are about: Birth Defect Research for Children (BDRC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps parents and expectant parents by providing information and support services. We help connect parents together that have a child with the same birth defect or disability. Building connections among families is important for BDRC, but one of their biggest missions is finding the cause of birth defects because every birth defect has a cause. 

ENTER TO WIN: By sharing this Cause you have entered in to win a My First Disney Bear. The winner of the My First Disney Bear will be announced once we have reached 10,000 pledges.To win the bear you have to recruit the most people to this pledge. We will update bi-weekly to let you know who are the top 10 people.


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