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Save the education of students from Syria

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The war in Syria has created an academic crisis, as thousands of students are no longer able to continue their studies. The world is in danger of creating a "lost generation" if education stops for Syrian youth. For the millions of Syrian youth whose hopes, dreams and in many cases safety have been shattered by the situation around them, an investment in education will help in securing a promising future for them. The world has a responsibility to protect the intellectual capital of Syria and prevent a "lost generation" from being created.

In June 2012, Jusoor (Bridges in Arabic), partnered with the Illinois Institute of Technology to provided partial scholarships for 50 students in Syria for undergraduate studies. From September 2012, 26 students have begun their journey at IIT, they have excelled in every aspect of university life, from wining awards at academic competitions to securing summer internships at Goldman Sachs to being accepted into an undergraduate summer research program to earning 4.0 GPA's to volunteering at the TedX talk at IIT and much more! You can read more about their journey on the  student blog they have set up.

Without further funding these 26 students will not be able to start classes again in September. Contribute as much as you can and help us even further by spreading the campaign to at least 20 of your friends.

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