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President of the Republic of the Philippines, Sec of the Interior and Local Government, Sec of Justice, Senate President, House Speaker, PNP Chief, Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Council, and Police Chief of Zamboanga City

On June 22, 2013, Justine Raphael Wee, 22 years old, was gunned down and shot in the
face, while he was walking to buy dinner. He died shortly after.

He has now become one of over 250 persons murdered in cold blood in Zamboanga
in only a year and a half.

His murder is tragic and deplorable. But so are the murders of many others
like him - victims of summary executions in Zamboanga - whose cases have
mostly gone unresolved. In Zamboanga, most of the murders, like Justine's, happen in plain view of witnesses, are carried out by "persons riding motorcycles in tandem" and wearing
full face helmets who are able to escape with their crimes.

The now-usual cry of the Zamboangenos for a stop and a resolution to these
crimes has not borne fruit in the ineffective efforts of the government
officials tasked to secure its people and guarantee the city's peace and

In the light of these, we, concerned citizens of Zamboanga hereby sign this statement to; our unequivocal outrage at the extra-judicial killing of over 250 persons in Zamboanga City;

2.manifest our grave disapproval of our local government, police, and other
law enforcement officials' inefficient and ineffective efforts to stop these summary executions and bring the
perpetrators to justice;

3.deplore the culture of silence and fear among many of us that have
arisen from the cycle of killings in the city brazenly carried out for
whatever reason;

4.demand a transparent accounting of these crimes from our government officials;

5.ask the President, the  Secretary of the Interior and Local
Government, and the Secretary of Justice to exercise their constitutionally mandated
task of supervising the actions of the local government
officials and peace officers of the government in Zamboanga City and
guarantee that positive and effective actions will be taken that will result in the
apprehension and conviction of the culprits and the resolution of the
over 250 unresolved cases;

6.pledge our active engagement with the local government on this issue and commit to greater vigilance and unwavering participation in the restoration of peace and order in our city;

7.have it furnished to the President of the Republic of the Philippines,
Secretaries of the Interior and Local Government, and Justice, President
of the Senate, Speaker of the House, Chief of the PNP, City Mayor and Vice Mayor of
Zamboanga City, and the City Council.

We promise to see this campaign to its end - THE RESTORATION OF PEACE AND ORDER IN OUR BELOVED ZAMBOANGA CITY.


Restore Peace and Order in Zamboanga City

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We love Zamboanga City and we will not surrender it to fear or to those who stoke fear in us through the violence. We will act and we demand our government's decisive action too!


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