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Resist old-growth rainforest logging and all who support it

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TAKE ACTION to stop HSBC from funding old-growth rainforest logging:

HSBC Bank continues to fund logging companies pillaging old-growth rainforests and causing human rights abuses in Sarawak, Malaysia, and expanding globally. After ravaging all but 5% of Sarawak's once pristine tropical rainforests, HSBC's Sarawak clients – described in Papua New Guinea as the "Malaysian timber mafia" – now dominate the global, ecocidal old-growth timber industry. Anyone participating in the industrial destruction of Earth's last old-growth forests – be they banks, governments, corporations, or NGOs – are legitimate protest targets, if we are to maintain local well-being and a habitable Earth for all. Please demand that HSBC end all involvement with old-growth rainforest logging.  

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Please also send the following alerts (to which you will be forwarded) to protect old-growth forests as a keystone response to the climate and ecosystem crises as well:  

Protect Papua New Guinea Indigenous Cave-Dwellers from Rainforest Destroying Mafia

Demand India Protect Old-Growth and Abandon Coal

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