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Write a comment to the FWS to stop the delisting of Gray Wolves

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ATTN!! Wolves need your help! They need all of you to comment!    The comment period is open on the proposal to remove federal protections for the Gray Wolf. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to remove all Gray Wolves from the Endangered Species List across the nation and turn management over to the individual states. 

As you know, where wolves had already lost federal protection, state management has been tragic and extremely destructive for wolves.  There is a public comment period, which ends on September 11, 2013 at 11:59pm.   Many of you ask what you can do to help wolves. Please, act now and submit your comments. Please share this information and spread the word and encourage everyone to comment. The more voices, the better. More effective than one howl is the sound of many howls. 

 A sample comment for you to copy/paste is as follows:  

Gray Wolves were driven to extinction over the last century.  A top predator species, wolves are critical to sustaining the proper functioning of ecosystems by helping keep prey populations in check and sustaining bio-diversity. They have not recovered from extinction as evidenced by scientific data.   Animosity to wolves still runs deep, including many public lands ranchers who fear -- unjustifiably -- wolf predations of their livestock. Because of the ranching industry's political clout, State and Federal wildlife managers will kill entire wolf packs when even a single sheep or calf may have been killed by wolves -- even though the ranchers may have turned out their livestock right in the midst of a wolf den. These ranchers do not take into account there are other predators as well as the animals dying from illness. Eliminating or limiting domestic livestock grazing on public lands in wolf areas is one key step to reducing conflicts and ensuring future survival of wolf populations.  

 Gray Wolves are a necessary part of our eco-system by keeping these prey populations, such as elk, under control so animals such as these, do not weaken the environment.  Further, Gray Wolves usually take the weak and sick animals, resulting in stronger and healthier herds. Our eco-system is very complex and plants' and animals' existence is inter-related.  If you remove Gray Wolves from this system, not only will the Gray Wolves disappear, our environment fail, but also there will be an extreme effect on humans' survival.     In the states where Gray Wolves have been delisted, the state management programs are tragic at best.  We cannot allow our wolves, symbols of the American West, along with the Bald Eagle, to disappear. Please do not delist our Gray wolves and continue the Federal protection.  

 In order for your comment to be properly processed, you will need to submit your comment with this docket number: FWS–HQ–ES–2013–0073   Either click on this link: And then enter the docket number FWS–HQ–ES–2013–0073 in the box. On the next screen click on the blue box that says, "Comment Now!" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then fill out the information and submit your comment.   

Tip: You are limited to 2,000 characters so keep an eye on the count below the comment box.   Or,    send your comments (via regular mail) to: 

Public Comments Processing, Attn: FWS–HQ–ES–2013–0073  Division of Policy and Directives Management  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, MS 2042–PDM Arlington, VA 22203  


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