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When we first learned of the proposal to toll the Downtown and Midtown tunnels, many Portsmouth residents took immediate action to oppose to them. We recognized that any toll or tax increase, no matter the cost, would devastate Portsmouth's economy and well-being. 

At the same time we were organizing opposition to this agreement, Mayor Kenny Wright sent a letter to the Department of Transportation stating, "We in Portsmouth have long supported the project." Mayor Wright claimed the tolls were "necessary" and urged Secretary Ray LaHood to "favorably support" the agreement so it could move forward as quickly as possible. 

While Mayor Wright sent this letter in an attempt to lower the cost of the project, he inadvertently conceded the legal basis of the anti-tolls movement: that the proposed tolls are an unconstitutional tax levied by an un-elected organization. By characterizing the tolls as "necessary" in a letter he wrote "on behalf to the citizens of Portsmouth," the Mayor told our state and federal representatives that the people would accept the tolls as a necessary sacrifice. 

Every Portsmouth resident that opposes the tolls needs to demand Mayor Kenny Wright rescind this letter and his tacit support of the tolls! So long as our leaders in Richmond and Washington believe Portsmouth residents support the tolls, they will never take action to abolish them. 

Please share this petition with your friends and, together, we will hold Mayor Wright accountable and stop these illegal taxes!

Mayor Wright's Letter is accessible here:


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Mayor Wright's Letter is Accessible Here:

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