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Get help for my daughter to save her life. She desperately needs help and has fallen through the cra

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My daughter is in the hospital. She tried to commit suicide on Father's Day and went and laid in the middle of the road and a motorcycle and a car behind it was coming. She had to be pulled forcefully out of the road onto safe ground. I have tried to get her the help she needs thorough True Behaviors without anything panning out. All they do is change her medications and over sedate her to where she sleeps all the time and that is NOT a life. I have cried and all but got on my knees and begged for help for her through True behaviors and we've been going through this since July of last year. I am exhausted and can only imagine what she must be feeling and it breaks my heart to see my child like this. I filled out an application for her to go to The Adventure House in Shelby, NC 4 months ago with no results and True Behaviors recommended that I do that for her to learn coping skills, social skills, living skills, and to interact with other people with her age range and mental illnesses, but they have yet to followed up on it, and the ultimately told me it was my place to follow up with it and I found out that was not true and it IS their job to do so...She is mentally retarded and she has an IQ of 69, as well as other issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from her father dying in a car wreck in 2005 (that she will NOT let go and dwells on every single day) and being raped along with other issues due to it. She's also been diagnosed with Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Oppostional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Adjustment Disorder (NOS), Chronic Depression, Learning Disabilities and has had an IEP all through school, and I'm trying to get her assessed for Split Personalities as well. She's been in and out for the past year now, but signs herself out cause she's 18, and will be 19 next month. She cannot make her own rational decisions with a clear mind...Contradicts itself to me because I have power of attorney, but they don't go far when she tells them she's fine to go home and not having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.
She overdosed on her medications On September 4th of 2012 and I have to lock them up and administer them to her on a daily basis. I'm trying to get guardianship papers on her now, but its going cost $120.00 for the papers to be filed and to get it in court. I need, in total, $800.00 - $1000.00 at the very least for gas expenses and hotel stays, food, etc when she gets placed in a facility because they are usually far away and I would like to be near her so that I can see her and talk with the drs everyday while I have the money to stay in a motel/hotel near her. That is why I am doing this donation site. She has fallen though the cracks and the system is NOT working for her. They changed everything about healthcare, especially her kind of needs in January of 2013, so the cut out a lot of help that was so desperately needed. I know she's not the only one like this and I am trying to make a difference. I am in the process of getting in touch with the Director of Mental Health, and if that does not work, I will continue to work my way up the ladder until she, and others, get the help they need. THIS IS NOT RIGHT OR CONSTITUTIONAL IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. I HAVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND STAND UP, WHEN NOBODY ELSE WILL. PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS FOR MY CHILD AND OTHERS WHO ARE SUFFERING AS WELL. please keep us in your prayers and donate as much as God lays on your heart. This is a just cause and you will be rewarded for tour generosity and it will bless you to bless others. God bless you and yours and may He bring you peace, joy, happiness, and most of all LOVE <3


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