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Pinellas County Commissioners

On Sept. 10th, 2013 you as County Commissioners are are finally holding a Work Group public hearing on the issue of spay/neuter mandates.It is being recommended by area animal rescuers and advocates that Pinellas County enact the same sterilization/breeding permit requirements for companion animals (cats & dogs) which other areas have insisted upon in order to to quell the pet overpopulation problem which costs us all dearly as taxpayers and costs the animals (by the thousands annually) their very lives. Said mandates elsewhere have dramatically reduced homeless animals in their midst therefore reducing the resultive taxpayer funds required to kill them all since we can't kill less unless/until we have less to kill!Living litter prevention is cheaper & more humane than the destruction.solution.It is not merely a morale imperative to stop the senseless and preventable killing but it is as well a matter of fiscal responsibility + public health &safety issues that excess animals create by virtue of being "at-large". Too many of our fellow citizens refuse to spay/neuter their pets for reasons of ignorance, apathy &/or greed. Since spay/neuter in our area is both affordable (+ accessible) such individuals can no longer be permitted to dictate that the rest of our society pick up the pieces of the littered litters born of omission or commission. It's long overdue that we stop catering to the pet polluters as there's NOTHING else (no inanimate object) that the public is allowed to litter sans consequence of penalty/fine + living creatures need not allowably be the ONLY exception to that societal expectation and legislation.By way of signing this petition, I am affirming that I either a) live or work in Pinellas County, b) I deal with the  homeless animals in need fr: Pinellas County &/or I'm effected by someone who's affected by the pet over population crisis in Pinellas. I'm therefore urging that the County Commissioners actually DO what is doable within their power to prevent senseless suffering (vs. pay for it) and enact spay/neuter mandates NOW to improve the lives of all it's citizens (human & animal alike). Affording a better future by affording constituents other public goods/services with the money now used to destroy and dispose of cats & dogs isn't too much to ask when other locales have paved the way + proven the model. You don't even have to reinvent the wheel, just change the tire to one of mandates w/ tread. Slowing the flow of incoming animals will allow us to gain traction & spend less to sentence to death animals who's only crime is that they were ever born.. I beseech Pinellas County Commissioners to utilize the voice which has been entrusted to them by virtue of the voter's ballots to prudently weigh-in& insist that the demand for sterilization requirements be enacted for owned pets in Pinellas (w/ notable exceptions in place) . I'm confident that both fiscal logic & humanity will prevail + am exited about the opportunity afforded all Commissioners to do the right thing right NOW. I (+ MANY others)anxiously expect a pro-spay/neuter mandates stance & decision on Sept.10th.


Andrea Wells

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To save lives of the excess homeless animals born of irresponsibility in our midst in addition to saving the valuable monetary resources currently used to kill them by the thousands annually in Pinellas County. 


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